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Teaching Philosophy:

The major courses I teach are from analysis. The courses involve both theoretical and practical aspects. I work to make these courses not just survivable, but interesting as well.There are a number of things I try to accomplish for my students:

  1. I try to create a positive atmosphere in my class. Students are called upon to discuss questions, but mistakes are treated as opportunities to explore misconceptions, not as a reflection of a student's abilities.
  2. I go to some lengths to ensure that students know that there is no easy way out.
  3. Caring individuals in a class of 100+ is not possible but I work with my office door open, and I am available to help.
  4. I believe that anyone can do well in mathematics if he/she is willing to spend time. Some pick it up quickly, some need to spend more time. I encourage all my students to invest more time in the subject. Then, I try to make sure they spend their time productively.

In next five years my priorities in teaching will be

1. To deliver best quality lectures to undergraduate/postgraduate students
2. To prepare electronic notes & video recorded lectures


Courses taught after Joining VNIT


  1. Real Analysis (MAL512)
  2. Topology (MAL522)
  3. Introduction to Computer Programming C (CSL501)


  1. Statistics & O.R. Techniques (MAL407)
  2. Advanced Mathematics (MAL501)

B. Tech.

  1. Mathematics-I (MAL101)
  2. Mathematics-II (MAL102)
  3. Integral Transforms & PDE (MAL201)
  4. Numerical Methods  & Probability Theory (MAL205)
  5. Linear Algebra (MAL206)

Courses taught before Joining VNIT

B. Sc.

  1. Linear & Abstract Algebra         
  2. Real & Complex Analysis
  3. Calculus & Vector Calculus.      
  4. Differential Equations


B.Sc. (Honours)           

  1. Real Analysis                           
  2. Functional Analysis
  3. Topology
  4. Measure Theory     

B. Tech.

  1. Discrete Mathematics               
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Applied Numerical Methods