Dr. P. Roul  >>Teaching

Current Courses:

  1. Mathematics-I, MAL-101
  2. Numerical Methods & Probability Theory, MAL-205
  3. Theory of Ordinary Differential Equation, MAL-513

Past Courses:

At Duisburg-Essen University, Germany:

  • Numerical Analysis for Master & Diploma Students.
  • Implementation of Adaptive Finite Elements using ALBERTA software.
  • Worked as an advisor for graduate students in Mathematics for different subjects.

At VNIT, Nagpur:

  • Mathematics-I (MAL-101)
  • Mathematics-II (MAL-102)
  • Advanced Mathematics (MAL-501)
  • Numerical Analysis (MAL-202)
  • Abstract Algebra (MAL-523)
  • Numerical Methods & Probability Theory (MAL-205)
  • Theory of ODE (MAL-513)
  • Numerical Analysis (MAL-525)

Proposed Courses for PhD student:

    1.  Matrx Iterative analysis

Courses Designed:

   1.  Fractional Calculus