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(1) Project Title/No: Numerical methods for a class of singular two-point boundary value problems (SB/S4/MS:877/14)

   Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Govt. of India

    Period: 2015-2018

    Date of Sanction: 08.10.2015

     Project Cost: Rs. 16.84,000/-( Sixteen lakh eighty four thousand rupees only

(2) Project Title/No: Design, analysis and implementation of numerical methods for doubly singular boundary value problems (2/48(14)/2016/NBHM/(R.P.)/R&D 11/14608)

     Funding Agency: NBHM, DAE, Govt. of India

     Period: 2017-2019

     Date of Sanction: 02.11.2016

     Project Cost:  Rs.12,16,100/-( Twelve lakh sixteen thousand one hundred rupees only)

Labs Developed:

  • Computational setup & Configuration for the implementation of Adaptive Finite Element Methods (AFEM), written in C language, for the numerical solution of partial differential equations, Institute of Applied Numerical Mathematics, Duisburg-Essen University, Duisburg, Germany.