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If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D  on continuous full-time basis in the area of Theoretical Numerical Analysis, Discrete element method (DEM) simulation for particulate materials (equivalent to MD Simulation), Dynamical system  and optimal control problems for integro-differential equations that associated with the process of crystaliozation under my guidence at the Department of Mathematics, VNIT, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail at pradipvnit@yahoo.com.


Who is eligible?         

Applicants need a Master degree in  Science (Mathematics, Physics) or Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and process engineering) with strong background in computer programming in C  to work on DEM simulation for micro – and macro mechanical properties of an assembly of grains in the form of either traingular or rectangular system. A GATE score card is required for engineering applicants, whereas GATE, CSIR, UGC or NBHM score card for Master of science students.

For other fields of my interest, applicants need a first-class master degree in Mathematics with a valid GATE, CSIR, UGC or NBHM score card.