Dr. P. Mahale >>Recommended Books/Links

Text Books


  1. Kreyszig, E. ;  Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Eighth Edition); John Wiley & Sons,  1999.
  2. Piskunov, N. : Differential and Integral calculus, Vol. 1, Vol. 2,  MIR Publishers, Moscow – CBS Publishers and Distributors (India),1996.


Reference Books:

  1. Thomas, G.B. and Finney, R.L.; Calculus and Analytic Geometry (Ninth Edition); Addison  Wesley Longman, Inc ; 1998.
  2. Michael D. Greenberg: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Pearson Education Pvt. Ltd 2009 .
  3. Jain, R.K. and Iyengar, S.R.K.; Advanced Engineering Mathematics; Narosa Publishers 2005.