Dr. M. Devakar  >>Numerical Linear Algebra (MAL 550)

Objective: The objective of this subject is to expose student to understand the basic importance of Linear Algebra and numerical linear algebra and its applications to science and engineering.

Syllabus: Special Matrices, Vector and Matrix Norms, SVD. Floating Point Numbers and Errors. Stability, Conditioning and Accuracy. Gauss Elimination and Linear Systems, LU Factorization using Gaussian Elimination, Stability of Gaussian Elimination, Basic Results on Existence and Uniqueness, Some Applications Giving Rise to Linear Systems of Problems, LU Factorization Methods, Conditioning and Pivoting, Inverses and Determinants. Iterative Methods for Large and Sparse Problems: Gauss Seidal, SOR, Chebyshev Acceleration, Conjugate Gradient Method, Preconditioning. QR Factorization, SVD, and Least Squares Solutions. Numerical Eigenvalue Problems, Generalized Eigenvalue Problem.