Dr. M. Devakar  >>Fluid Dynamics (MAL 533)

Kinematics of fluids in motion: Real fluids and ideal fluids, Velocity of a fluid at a point , Stream lines and path lines,  Steady and unsteady flows, The velocity potential, The velocity vector, Local and particle rates of change, Equation of continuity, Acceleration of fluid , Conditions at a rigid boundary.

Equations of motion of fluid: Euler’s equations of motion, Bernoulli’s equation, Some flows involving axial symmetry, Some special two-dimensional flows.

Some three dimensional flows: Introduction, Sources, sinks and doublets, Axisymmetric flows, Stokes’ stream function.  The Milne-Thomson circle theorem, Theorem of Blasius.

Viscous flows: Stress analysis in fluid motion, Relations between stress and rate of strain, Coefficient of viscosity and laminar flow, Navier-Stokes’ equations of motion of viscous fluid, Steady motion between parallel planes and through tube of uniform cross section. Flow between concentric rotating cylinders.

Steady viscous flow in tube having uniform elliptic cross section, Tube having equilateral triangular cross section, Steady flow past a fixed sphere.