Dr. G. P. Singh >>Research Projects / Facility / Labs Developed

B. Research projects Completed/ongoing:

(i) UGC Minor Research Project No.F23-143/97 (WRO) dated 30-08-1997.

Title “Study of  general scalar-tensor cosmology  with particle creation in viscous fluid”.

(ii) UGC Minor Research Project No.F23-119/2000 (WRO) dated 01-12-2000.

Titled “The Cosmological Constant : Quest and Constraints” .

(iii)  Co-investigator in the UGC Major Research Project No. F 41-765/2012 dated 17-07-2012.

      Title: “Relativistic Cosmological Models of Dissipative Matter…”  Principal Investigator Dr. Shubha Kotambkar, Department of Mathematics, LIT, RTM Nagpur University