Dr. G. P. Singh >>Phd Scholars

No. of  Candidates Guided/ Guiding for Ph.D. Degree :  completed 03/ On going 02

Supervisors Name of the Scholar Title Year of Registration Completed / On going
G.P. Singh Dr. Shubha S. Kotambkar A Study Of Cosmological Models Of The Early Universe 2000 Completed in 2003
G.P. Singh Late Dr. R. V. Deshpande A Study On Cosmological Models With Particle Creation In Scalar Tensor Theory 2000 Completed in 2004
G.P. Singh Dr. A. Y. Kale A Study Of Bulk Viscous Cosmological Models of The Expanding Universe 2007 Completed in 2010
S. Kotambkar & G.P. Singh Rupali Kelkar Relativistic cosmological models of dissipative matter: Quest and Constraints 2010 Completed in 2016
G.P. Singh Binay Kr. Bishi Modified Cosmological Models With Recent Observational Constraints 2013 Completed in 2017
G.P. Singh Nikhil Hulke Some Mathematical Models of Cosmological Problems 2016 on going
G.P.Singh Ashwini Lalke  Study of Relativistic Cosmological Model for Accelerated and Expansion of the Universe 2018 on going