Prof GP Singh

Dr. G. P. Singh

Designation:Professor and Head of the Department

 Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest:Relativity & Cosmology,Mathematical Modelling

Tel: 0712-280 1403

 Email: gpsingh[at]mth[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

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 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/gpsingh/


Dr. P. P. Chakravarthy

 Designation: Professor  & Associate Dean (Students Activities & Sports)

 Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest: Numerical Analysis, Numerical  Treatment of Singular Perturbation problems and Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference equations

Tel: 0712-280 1404

Email: ppchakravarthy[at]mth[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Home Page:  http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/ppchakravarthy/



Dr. Pallavi Mahale

 Designation:Assistant Professor

 Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest:Operator Theory, Functional Analysis

 Tel: 0712-280 1406

 Email: pmahale[at]mth[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/pmahale/


Dr. R. P. Pant

 Designation:Assistant Professor

 Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest:Functional Analysis, General Topology, Fixed point theory

Tel: 0712-2801410




 Home Page :  http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/rppant/



Dr. G. Naga Raju

 Designation:Assistant Professor

 Qualification:Ph. D. (IITK)

Area of interest:   Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Element Methods, Parallel Computing.

 Tel: 0712-280 1257

 Email: me.raju[at]gmail[dot]com

 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/gnagaraju/


Dr. M. Devakar

 Designation:Assistant Professor

 Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest:Fluid Dynamics

Tel: 0712-280 1407

Email: m_devakar[at]mth[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/mdevakar/

 Veerendra Vikram Awasthi


Dr. Veerendra Vikram Awasthi

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:Ph. D.

 Area of interest: Algebraic Topology and its Application

Tel: 0712-280 1411

Email: vvawasthi[at]mth[dot] vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/veerendraawasthi/


Dr. P. Roul

 Designation:Assistant Professor

 Qualification:Ph. D (Magdeburg University, Germany)

 Area of interest:Numerical Analysis, ODE & Fractional Calculus.

 Contact Info:   

 Tel: 0712- 2801408

 Email: drpkroul[at]yahoo[dot]com

 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/proul/



Dr. Deepesh Kumar Patel

 Qualification:Ph. D

Area of interest: Noninear Analysis, Fixed Point Theory

Designation: Assistant Professor

Tel: 0712- 2801412

 Email: dkpatel[at]mth[dot]vnit[at]ac[at]in

 Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/dkpatel/

Jyoti Singh

Dr. Jyoti Singh

 Qualification:Ph. D

Area of interest: Commutative Algebra

Designation: Assistant Professor (Contract)

Tel: 0712- 2801412

 Email: jyotijagrati[at]gmail[dot] com

Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/jyotisingh/

 Sathish Kumar


Dr. Sathish Kumar A.

Qualification:Ph. D

Area of interest: Approximation Theory

Designation: Assistant Professor (Contract)

Tel: 0712- 2801414

Email: mathsatish9[at]gmail[dot]com

Home Page : http://mth.vnit.ac.in/people/sathishkumar/